P12i  Portable Integrated Fault Locating System

Ultimate all-in-one fault locating system 12kV

product profile

The P12i is the ultimate all-in-one solution for troubleshooting, pre-locating and pinpointing of cable faults in complex LV & MV networks up to 12kV. Menu guided operation allows to detect and precisely locate any possible fault for even unexperienced users. Featuring a large colour 10,4” screen the P12i can display measurement curves, settings and message codes simultaneously. Integrated full scale TDR capability including the high voltage ARTi mode will isolate and pre-locate low and high resistance faults with high precision. The multi-dimensional safety system PROSAFE 3D ensures maximum safety for the instrument, the operator and DUT. The optional pinpointer Kamphone and Locator S are used for flash-over faults or cable sheath faults, respectively.

key data & features

Analyser Unit:


HV Test:

18kV DC

HV Surge:

3/6/12kV -1000J (2000J)

HV Conversion:

500mA @ 18kV

HV Sheath Pinpoint:


  3Phase TDR Option

  HV test leakage current recording

  Inductive Arc Reflection Tech

  Power Burning 1,5A Option

  Sheath Fault Pinpointing Option

  Menu Guided User Interface

  PROSAFE - High-End Safety System

  Low Weight

  Low Power Consumption

  Rugged Trolley Option

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